Dharma Life Privacy Policy

Our goal is to help people live a happier and more productive life. Towards this goal we ask sensitive questions regarding your weak personality traits as well as personal questions to recommend actions including age, sex, geographic location, food habits etc. Since this information is highly sensitive we take the following steps in designing our products to protect your privacy.

  1. We only collect data that is useful in helping you achieve your goals.

  2. Any data collected will only be kept on your device and saved in your iCloud account. The apps are designed not to transmit any data from your device to any servers including our own.

  3. We do not have access to your data for any purpose including advertising or marketing needs. Therefore no third party has access to your data as well.

  4. We will always take the security of your data seriously. Therefore when we design Dharma Life products we make sure that the data resides only on your devices as well as on your backup devices. We do not ask for any of your contact information.

Dharma Life Sciences was formed in April 2013 with a team of scientifically curious people. Our charter was to explore and discover scientific truths about life. We are a young and active group of research scientists from diverse fields including genetic research, neuroscience, psychology, social research, arts and engineering. The work culture is independent, intellectually challenging and idea provoking.