Company Overview

Dharma Systems pioneered the design, development, and marketing of advanced query technology products to provide data access solutions. With over two decades of experience, Dharma is the leader in the field.

Dharma's unmatched depth of technology makes it the preferred choice for database vendors worldwide who want high performance SQL components with the flexibility to harness the power of their DBMS. Dharma is the leader in providing advanced query technology to application developers. Dharma's components are used worldwide by software development organizations in a wide spectrum of application markets, including the accounting, health care, public safety, inventory management, banking and process-control industries.

Software development organizations use Dharma SQL components to keep pace with the latest SQL technology from commercial vendors and evolving standards. Since Dharma's SQL components require no changes to the underlying DBMS, our customers reduce time to market and increase productivity while providing state-of-the-art SQL technology.

In addition to providing SQL components to database vendors, Dharma markets its technology to vertical-market application vendors that need to open their data to ODBC, JDBC or .NET. Application developers use Dharma query technology, such as the ODBC SDK, to open their application data to access in heterogeneous computing environments. Dharma query technology helps developers reduce time to market, increase productivity, and simplify implementation of their vertical-market applications.

Company History

Dharma Systems has over 24 years experience in providing integration technology. Founded in 1987, Dharma delivered its first product in 1990. Dharma's SQL components technology is currently in its twelfth release. The company has built a long and distinguished list of customers including BMC Software, Lucent Technologies, Unisys, Objectivity, and Philips.

The company is headquartered in the United States in Brookline, New Hampshire. In addition, the company has a wholly owned subsidiary in Bangalore, India. The company employs a staff of over 50 people worldwide.

Dharma Life Sciences

Dharma Life Sciences was formed in April 2013 with a team of scientifically curious people. Our charter was to explore and discover scientific truths about life. We are a young and active group of research scientists from diverse fields including genetic research, neuroscience, psychology, social research, arts and engineering. The work culture is independent, intellectually challenging and idea provoking.