Dharma SDK Lite: Free Download!

Dharma's SDKs are the fastest route to advanced query technology for your information. In only days you can begin accessing your data from popular tools or integrating it into your web strategy.

Dharma's SDKs are a fully supported solution with high-end SQL functionality and optimizations for high performance. Dharma's SDKs inherit their power and rich functionality from Dharma/SQL, a data access standard among leading DBMS software packages. Optimized joins, fast SQL execution and optimal use of your data source through push down capabilities give you the performance and capability demanded by your users. Our simplified custom interfaces and metadata implementation reduce programming time and speed time to market.

Dharma's SDK Lite is a non-commercial version of Dharma's industry leading SDK solutions. SDK Lite is not a disabled copy of the software. It is a functional driver development kit that can be used to provide ODBC, JDBC or .NET access to application information for any non-commericial purpose. It is the perfect tool to allow you to experiment with different data architectures. Download it, use it to build test solutions and prototypes or personal solutions. When you are ready to create a commercial product, contact Dharma Systems and your work can be easily migrated to Dharma's Professional SDK.


This manual details the SQL language support provided by Dharma's SDK.

This manual describes the Interactive SQL (ISQL) Tool.

This manual describes installing and configuring the Dharma SDK ODBC Driver.

This manual describes installing and configuring the Dharma SDK JDBC Driver.

This manual describes installing and configuring the Dharma .NET Data Provider.

This manual describes the Dharma DataLink Software Development Kit (SDK). It describes implementing ODBC access to proprietary data and considerations for creating a release kit to distribute the completed implementation.