Dharma .NET SDK

Dharma's SDK for .NET is the fastest route to advanced query technology for your information. In only days you can begin accessing your data from popular tools or integrating it into your web strategy.

Dharma's .NET SDK is a fully supported solution with high-end SQL functionality and optimizations for high performance. Dharma's .NET SDK inherits its power and rich functionality from Dharma/SQL, a data access standard among leading DBMS software packages. Optimized joins, fast SQL execution and optimal use of your data source through push down capabilities give you the performance and capability demanded by your users. Our simplified custom interfaces and metadata implementation reduce programming time and speed time to market

Getting the Job Done

A high performance .NET driver for your application doesn't mean you have to spend months in development, acquisition or support processes. Dharma's ease of implementation is complimented by our straightforward contracts and engineer-to-engineer support practices- making us the right partner to help your organization solve its data access problems.

The code you write is the glue between Dharma's SQL technology and your data source, so the same code provides the only implementation you need for JDBC, ODBC or a .NET Data Provider.