Dharma Systems

Dharma Systems allows you to provide universal access to your data. Enhance the systems you have already developed. Exporting data in order to access it is time consuming, can produce stale results and result in lack of context. Dharma's industry leading SQL solutions can allow you to access your data directly, no matter where it is. Dharma's technology lets you analyze and manipulate your data in real time while you concentrate on your core strengths.

High performance advanced query access for database vendors

Dharma/SQL provides a high performance, functionally-complete SQL interface compatible with the SQL-92, ODBC 3.5, .NET 3.5, JDK 1.6 and JDBC 4 standards, to any relational or non-relational database management system (DBMS). The philosophy of Dharma/SQL storage system interface is to provide a framework that takes maximum advantage of the underlying DBMS. It includes optimizations that take advantage of the strength of your database and allows you to preserve your existing investment in tools and applications that run on it.

Open existing data sources to the world of ODBC, JDBC and .NET

Access to your data through ODBC, JDBC, .NET, OLEDB, ADO, SQL, all are available to your customers through Dharma's advanced query technology. Dharma's technology includes a high performance optimizing SQL engine that provides the ultimate in power and flexibility. It is designed to plug into any relational or non-relational database architecture and is integrated into all our SQL products. Dharma frees you to focus on your core strengths, confident that your SQL functionality, performance and interoperability are on par with the leading database vendors.

A unified view of a business's disparate data sources

A common integration layer that allows a corporation to access a unified view of its data from multiple applications. Oracle, SQL Server, any ODBC compliant source all accessible through a single unified view. New e-business applications are developed quickly and efficiently using well known tools and methods. Use in conjunction with Dharma/SQL or Dharma/SDK to bring all your data into a single unified system.